We carefully choose all the factors in our process with a focus on sustainability. By doing this, we want to share our message and create awareness of pollution, because we are the keepers of the earth.

Peppery Panty is produced at our manufacturer in Italy from the material Q-NOVA®.

Q-NOVA® is an environmentally sustainable, recycled Nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials following present-day traceability criteria and requirements.

Q-NOVA® is made from waste materials coming from the company’s main production cycle.

These materials could not have been reused in any other way and would have been disposed of otherwise. In this way, Peppery Panty contributes to a highly ecological product to reduce CO2 emissions, using less water and using renewable energy, which makes our product long-lasting.

Q-NOVA® is certified and traced by the Global Recycle Standard system, the European ECOLABEL EU system and by the OEKO- TEX STD 100 CLASS I system. All these certifications vouch for the integrity of the fibre.

''Mother Earth is our first teacher. She has informed us that oneness does not equal sameness. She shows us this through the harmonious balance that is held in the rich biodiversity that exists within our world. To achieve oneness we must transcend our differences and embrace the integration of every individual aspect of humanity into the whole, knowing that all healthy systems are comprised of complexity and an abundance of diversity''.

Sherri Mitchell - Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset

Art by - Jana Brike